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Acabo de encontrar en la web un tierno articulo sobre un padre que quiso ser heladero toda su vida y solo pudo despues de jubilarse ( a los 70 añitos ) …y lo hizo hasta que aguantó ( por 5 años , sin parar )y tuvo un exito imparable…como tiene que ser …

Aunque sin traducir , deseo darle espacio aquí, porqué hubiese sido un honor conocer a ese representante de una especie en extincion …la de los heladeros con alma…

From INTELLIGENT LIFE Magazine , 26 de junio 2008

…When my father was 60 he retired. But he was restless. The year he turned 70, he bought the shop next door to his old cafe. He announced he was going to make and sell proper Italian ice cream–which has a softer texture than other recipes, although without descending to Mr Whippy’s levels of aeration. He learnt how to make ice cream, and bought lots of machinery, the principal piece of which looked like a large washing machine and was called il mantecatore–the churner. I later found out it had been a boyhood dream of his to open an ice-cream parlour but he’d never had the money for the equipment.

The ingredients were simple: cream, milk, sugar and the relevant extras (high cocoa-content chocolate, pistachio nuts, strawberries, mangoes). Water, sugar and fruit for sorbets. They went into the churner and glooped in creamy soft folds, just minutes later, into their containers. Italian ice cream should be made regularly: after as little as 48 hours it doesn’t taste the same any more. Three times a week, my father would start making ice cream at 5am. He always worked alone.

He opened on August Bank Holiday, 1999. I entered full of trepidation: my father had never made any sort of sweet thing before. What if it was rubbish? He stood behind his ice-cream display cabinet, all glass and stainless steel, with 24 flavours and tiny testing cones to help people navigate them. The little orange fridge seemed a long time ago. Some customers seemed confused by the vast choice and ended up going for safe flavours they knew: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry. My father didn’t want this; he wanted people to experiment. I tasted. It was excellent. I could scarcely believe someone I knew could make something this good. My father was an ice-cream maker!

Just-made, my father’s ice cream was truly perfect: dense but soft. There was no pointless licking involved, like with some ice creams in cones: each flick of the tongue made progress, a groove. If you were particularly fierce, you could actually move the whole scoop practically off the cone. I tried the tiramisu: coffee ice cream layered with a sponge steeped in liqueur and dusted with cocoa. I tried the apple crumble; not strictly speaking Italian, but soon one of my favourites. But the best flavour of all, despite no bits, was the chocolate-chestnut ice cream. It was wonderful: throat-fillingly thick and gooey.

My father had unorthodox methods of sourcing ingredients. The sweet chestnuts he harvested himself, in September. He’d tie a piece of wood to some rope, throw it up into the tree and down they’d fall. But then he had always been a forager. Lemons came direct from Sorrento, where the fruit are big, and sweet. He had a deal with the coach driver from a nearby hotel, who went to Italy once a week. On his return journey he’d find room for a crate of lemons for my father.

For five years the parlour was an enormous success. My father would occasionally tell me that some famous person had asked him to supply ice cream for their party, or that an expensive restaurant wanted to serve his gelato. He always said no, because he was a one-man band (although my mother and I were allowed to help serve behind the counter). Ultimately, this was his downfall. He worked seven days a week, sometimes 18-hour days. By 2004, we had pressed him into selling up–a decision I think we’ve all regretted ever since.

After my father closed his shop, all bought ice cream, even the really good stuff, disappointed. So I started making my own.

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Desde Estados Unidos con amor

Aquí encuentrareis la copia de una entrada referente a mi blog por parte de uno de los mejores sitios web del mundo en materia de HELADOS :


Shelagh es una apasionada de GELATO y hasta está planeando de escribir mas sobre mí en su otra pagina web :


Gracias Shelagh

Dec 18, 2008

Gelato Master In Barcelona

Now this is a post I’ve been meaning to write for some weeks! I think it will be one of the more exciting articles for regular readers of

Imagine if you can …. a family with more than 100 years experience of ice cream
making authentic artisan italian gelato expertise a master gelato maker for more than 30 years gelato in Barcelona gelato making lessons

There’s only one person whose life and work encompasses these criteria – Rheya, an Italian living in Barcelona who has two of the most interesting ice cream blogs in the world.

These are:



Rheya is a woman with a passion and knowledge of gelato that is on a level most people can only dream! Visit her blogs and you will see what I mean.

Rheya’s experiences in Chicago for example is a great block of posts she wrote about what and who she saw there, how she reacted to the city and – of course – what she thought of the ice cream there. She even writes about the culinary school branch of About Previous the Illinois Institute of Arts in Chicago. Fascinating reading!

So for all you gelato lovers out there who have a little time over the Christmas holidays to do some online reading, you should visit Rheya’s gelato making blog.

Early in 2009 I will be writing a dedicated page about Rheya on with lots more information – so revisit and enjoy even more. Happy reading!

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Querida Nuria





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DESDE EL BLOG "reserva del 81 "

27 noviembre 2006 Los comentarios están cerrados

Esta heladería es muy conocida en Gracia y ofrecen helados artesanos desde 1881.
Cualquier salida por Gracia, acaba fácilmente con un helado en  Plaza de la Revolucion de setiembre, charlando y comentando hasta bien entrada la noche.


El helado de chocolate es una delicia, la receta tiene más de 107 años.
Puedes tomarte el helado en la terraza de la gelateria y ver en la pantalla el proceso artesanal de elaboración de los helados.

( el ultimo sabado y domingo de octubre ) la gelateria celebra el fin de temporada con los helados a mitad de precio.

Caffetería Italiana

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FROM "spooning " BLOG

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so my apartment here in barcelona is in a neighborhood called gracia.

it’s kind of like gentrified brooklyn . in fact , it’s a lot like that : hipsters , families , good food , old people with shopping carts , all kind of chilling together , more or less confortably.

but incresingly expensively. anyway there is an incredible market, tons of restaurants .

but what’s really great is the

gelateria italiana

It’s the zenith of gelato for what I am concerned- there can be no better .

aside of the pastel dreaminess of the interiors , the flavour are the essence of themselves : pear is pear , in the deep and perfect way. the fig ,
perhaps their most inspired creation looks like raspberry jam and tastes like the concentration of a week of late summer fig nirvana.

I just slurped a cup of gianduia ( hazelnut with a hint of cocoa ) paired with their intense, nearly black , chocolate .

I have before me the task of tasting all of their flavours before they close for the season , on november 1 , to head back to Italy to teach their acolytes the true path of gelato.

before me lays: nougat , melon , liquorice (I admit it -I am a little afraid ) , and something that I think is mint , but I can’t be certain .

no matter – it will be cold and delicious, and the gelato –  men  who make it will proudly shovel it out , knowing that what they have created is good .
octuber 15 , 2006

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dal blog " micaenmica "

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29 junio 2006

Me encanta entrar en la Heladería …

Al ver los italianos que la regentan…notas su dulzura, su alegría de vivir…..

Al escuchar la música italiana…escuchas palabras dulces…
y al probar el chocolate, las frutas….se completa el festival para los sentidos.

Además…están en la blogosfera!

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FROM " alanbell " BLOG

20 octubre 2006 1 comentario

We returned with Pearl and Al to Barcelona on Sunday and took them up to Gracia
in the evening.

We walked over to the placa (square) where the famous
gelateria is.
Al wanted his ice cream and he’d heard so much about this place.

He took his number (51) and looked to see what number was being served (6). We waited and he finally got his ice cream.

Ok, off to bed, have a great day


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