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26 noviembre 2006


so my apartment here in barcelona is in a neighborhood called gracia.

it’s kind of like gentrified brooklyn . in fact , it’s a lot like that : hipsters , families , good food , old people with shopping carts , all kind of chilling together , more or less confortably.

but incresingly expensively. anyway there is an incredible market, tons of restaurants .

but what’s really great is the

gelateria italiana

It’s the zenith of gelato for what I am concerned- there can be no better .

aside of the pastel dreaminess of the interiors , the flavour are the essence of themselves : pear is pear , in the deep and perfect way. the fig ,
perhaps their most inspired creation looks like raspberry jam and tastes like the concentration of a week of late summer fig nirvana.

I just slurped a cup of gianduia ( hazelnut with a hint of cocoa ) paired with their intense, nearly black , chocolate .

I have before me the task of tasting all of their flavours before they close for the season , on november 1 , to head back to Italy to teach their acolytes the true path of gelato.

before me lays: nougat , melon , liquorice (I admit it -I am a little afraid ) , and something that I think is mint , but I can’t be certain .

no matter – it will be cold and delicious, and the gelato –  men  who make it will proudly shovel it out , knowing that what they have created is good .
octuber 15 , 2006

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